The Art of Fashion and Advertising Photography Course
5 Months(Weekend Course)


Equipment needed – Basic DSLR camera body, with 18 to 55mm and 70 to 300mm (With Macro) lenses.

Course Duration : 40 classes of 3 hour.
Course Timing      : Sat : 2PM-5PM,  Sun : 10:30AM-1:30PM

1) Basics of the camera.

I) Knowing your camera possibilities. Practical shoot in the campus – Usage of Aperture, Shutter Speed and Depth of Field.

II) Composition – Theory, examples with master’s work along with practical shoot in campus with faculty.

III) Theory of basics of natural light by studying the image in detail. Practical shoot in campus with faculty.

IV) Portraiture in natural light.

2) Detailing of Studio Lighting with portraiture.

I) Theory followed by master’s work and faculty’s work.

II) Shoot in studio by faculty to demonstrate various kinds of lightings.

III) Shoot by students guided by faculty practice in studio.

3) Celebrating life through Fashion Photography.

I) Theory of fashion photography followed by masters work.

II) Developing of theme for fashion shoot, selection of clothes, location hunting.

III) Class with model, stylist and makeup artist, trial of clothes, make-up and accessories.

IV) Final shoot on various locations.

4)Detail Photoshop Work.

Working with layers and detailing in Photoshop.

5)Product and Still Life/ Food Photography.

I) Theory followed by master’s work.

II) Learn how to shoot steel and glass without reflections.

III) How to shoot food.

6) Final Portfolio Selection and Revision. 

Course Fee – Rs 60,000 (Sixty Thousand) + GST(18.00%)

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