Raghu Rai Center

For Photography


A unique center, where the ever-growing medium of photography will be the heart of the institute. Here young minds will be directed and given space to explore their inner capabilities, through the visual medium of photography. In the global context of creativity in visual arts, it is our responsibility to know what is going on in the world of photography so that the youthful energy is well directed and explored to its maximum and this Center will nurture that sense of direction in both, aspiring professionals and serious amateurs.

The Center will be running various photography courses of duration of 3 months to 3 years (3 Month- Basic Beginners Course, 5 Month-The Art of Fashion and Advertising Photography Course and 3 Year Degree program). Workshops will also be conducted at the Center along with a Photography Club. It is planned to hold photography exhibitions of senior master photographers as well as young professionals doing exceptional work. The Center will be promoting photography as an art form.

It is going to be the only school of photography of its kind where students will have access to the photographic works of master photographers in different genres such as portraiture, landscape, documentary, abstract, fine art and fashion advertising photography done in the last one and half centuries.

Mr. Raghu Rai’s views on Why Raghu Rai Center For Photography.



  • Documentary and creative photography courses will be designed by Raghu Rai and Nitin Rai.
  • Fashion, portraiture and still life courses will be designed by Nitin Rai.
  • The advisory panel will consist of experts from various creative fields such as Mr. Jatin Das, Rajiv Sethi, and Rajiv Lochan.
  • The Center will tie up with reputed schools and museums in Europe and America.
  • The vigor and strength of courses will be assessed and re-evaluated every semester.
  • Students pursuing photography as a creative and personal evolution will be given the opportunity to accompany Mr. Raghu Rai and Nitin Rai on outstation photographic trips to assist and explore finer points of creativity.
  • After the 1st semester, the Center will invite reputed foreign photographers from Magnum Photos and other agencies, including curators and artists to interact and put forth their perceptions and vision pertaining to photography through their medium of creative expression.
  • There will be special emphasis on editing one’s own works with a high sense of critique and evaluation. Also students will be trained to look at the different technical nuances of a photograph.
  • At the end of the One-year Diploma, students will be encouraged to showcase their works at an Exhibition.
  • The 3-year Degree program is being formulated and will be announced shortly.