One Year Diploma in Creative Photography

This course is for people who are very serious and aspire to become professional photographers.
Course Duration : One Year.
Admission to the program is by interview and portfolio review.
Send 10 best pictures of your portfolio to [email protected]
Equipment needed – Basic DSLR camera body, with 18-135mm(Canon) or 18-140mm(Nikon) or 18-105mm(Nikon) and 70-300mm (With Macro) lenses, external flash, laptop and a 1 TB external hard disk drive.

Semester – I : September to December.

Course Details:

  1. Orientation – Know your faculty and peers.
  2. History of photography.
  3. Discussion on the Digital Camera – Knowing your camera possibilities.
  4. Basic of the camera – Practical shoot in the campus – Usage of aperture, shutter speed, depth of field.
  5. Practical shoot in the campus – Metering and white balance.
  6. Composition – Theory, examples with masters’ work.
  7. Composition – Practical shoot in the campus with faculty.
  8. Basics of Natural Lighting – Theory, understand light by studying the image in detail.
  9. Basics of Natural Lighting – Practical shoot in the campus with faculty.
  10. Critical appreciation of masters’ body of work.
  11. Outdoor shoot with faculty – Street and Documentary Photography.
  12. Selection of outdoor shoot images.
  13. Developing curatorial capacity – The ability to pull out your best images from a shoot.
  14. Post Production – Photoshop class – I.
  15. Post Production – Photoshop class – II.
  16. Fill in Flash.
  17. Portraiture in available light.
  18. Masters’ work on portraiture and faculty work.
  19. Demo portraiture shoot in campus.
  20. Selection and editing of portrait shoot in available light.
  21. Celebrating life through landscape photography – Theory.
  22. Understanding landscape photography by studying works of masters.
  23. Landscape shoots with the faculty.

Travel and Landscape Photography Trip with Faculty. (Self-Funded)

Semester – II : January to June

Course Details:

  1. Use of external flash.
  2. Photojournalism.
  3. Works of masters in photojournalism.
  4. Photo Stories.
    • You need to work on following stories.
      1. Short photo-story completed in a week’s time.
      2. A long photo-story as your diploma project.
      3. A photojournalistic story.
  5. Meet senior photojournalists.
  6. Detailing of studio lighting with portraiture.
  7. Theory followed by masters’ work and faculty’s work.
  8. Shoot in studio by faculty to demonstrate various kinds of lightings.
  9. Shoot by students guided by faculty practice in studio.

Semester – III : July to August

Course Details:

  1. Celebrating life through fashion photography.
  2. Theory of fashion photography followed by masters’ work.
  3. Developing of theme for fashion shoot, selection of clothes and location hunting.
  4. Class with model, stylist and makeup artist, trial of clothes, makeup and accessories.
  5. Final shoots on various locations.
  6. Detail Photoshop work – Working with layers and detailing in Photoshop.
  7. Product and still life/ food photography.
  8. Theory followed by masters’ work.
  9. Learn how to shoot steel and glass without reflections.
  10. How to shoot food.
  11. Portfolio building – Life and Documentary, Portraiture, Fashion and Landscape for students.


Preparing for Exhibition : Curation, Printing and Framing.

Visiting Faculty:

Amit Mehra, Bharat Choudhary, Chandu Mhatre, Jatin Das, Neeraj Paul, Prashant Panjiar, Shahidul Alam, Usha Rai, Vinay Panjwani,Rakesh Nagar, Tarun Khiwal.

Course Fee – Rs 2,00,000 (Two Lakhs Only) + Rs.10,000 Security Deposit (Refundable) + GST(18.00%)

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